Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Accepting That Your Photos Sucks!

Here I am, talking to myself again. Here goes..

Well to me at least, one of the hardest lesson I had to learn when I was starting out in photography is; accepting that my photos sucks! Especially the first thousand. Don't you think? Come on, our first thousand shots do sucks. They're not even worth saving into our hard drive and the hard part of knowing that they sucks is, you don't know why they sucks! That's a double whammy! Being new in photography, we are excited about our new camera, our lens and we finally can see what does all that photography jargons means and since now, we're a photographer (self proclaimed because now we own a DSLR), we can proudly use those jargons too. Then we just can't wait for that moment where we use it in a conversation and our listeners don't know what they mean. And then we proudly explain it using even more photography jargons that they wouldn't understand.

Now back to the topic, accepting that our photos sucks. Why is it hard? As a newbie, it's hard because its our first time catching a moment. We know we can never get that opportunity again. Once a moment is gone, its gone! Then we blew it by taking a bad shot of it. What happens next? Then we try to fix it, crop, adjust the exposure and the most famous newbie fixer is; we keep telling ourself that this its a good shot, its workable and not accepting that its just unusable (You do that? We all did, yeah? Well, i did). Especially if its a blur shot or you focuses wrong (eg: the wanted subject is not in focus). Like I said earlier, its hard for us to accept it and its not just because that the moment is gone but its also because we're afraid that we wont get another opportunity for a great moment again. Here's something I've learn from accepting my bad shots; the better we accept our bad shots, the better we learn on getting some great ones!! I believe this is true not just for newbies but for experienced photographers as well, just at a different scale.

So here I am reminding myself and sharing it with all of you that the better you get in photography, you'll see that its okay that you have a few bad shots. The better you get in photography, a lot more great moments will come to you. This is because you'll see more as you grow. There will be a lot of great composition ideas pouring in your head and you'll be able to predict a moment that is about to happen. The better you get, more great moments will come. Mistakes are also made by those people who have been in photography for years (They just don't do it as often as a new aspired photographer) and guess what? They do still have to go through the process of accepting that some of their photos sucks. Just "My Two Cents"

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