Sunday, 6 January 2013

The first of "My Two Cents"

Hi, I'm Nizam Muhamad and the picture you see above; that's me. That is probably the coolest photo of me that I have currently hence it being the photo chosen for this first blog =P. For those who can already guess what this post might be about, a round of applause to you. Bravo!! Yup, it will be about me. This is probably the most boring and obvious choice for a first post but I'm doing it anyway. All of us have been practicing writing about our self in school haven't we? It's the title your English teacher would give during the first class in school. Every year! *Sigh* Now, before I start ranting about myself, I'll let you know currently I have and Blog for dummies ready on another tab. FYI, this is my first time writing a blog so here goes...

I'm from Malaysia, born and raised in Selangor. I'm a Muslim, a son, a brother and.............. SINGLE!! (at the moment, at least) and also a photographer. I LOVE ARTS. Have always love arts, any kinds and in any forms but the art form that I am currently involve in; yup, it's photography and photo-manipulation.  I shoot weddings, mostly. I have a FB fan page so check it out =) Nizam Muhamad Photography. I'm still new and currently (as of the date this blog is posted) the page is still under construction. I will post my work here as well so do follow me for that.Well, some of you may start thinking that I'm blogging to help promote my page. I wont lie to you, that's ONE of the reasons BUT the main reason is; blogging helps me keep my head straight. Why? It helps you see yourself thinking. You know what's going on in your head, seeing it from a third person's view. It's Totally Rad, you should try it. We definitely going to talk about blogging more on my later posts. This post is about ME.

UniKL MIAT Hangar
MIAT, Dengkil.
I'm a graduate from UniKL MIAT with a Bachelor in Aircraft Engineering Technology. It's a small university in a small "Cowboy Town" (as we'd like to call it) in Dengkil. If you look at the google map picture above; it's in the middle of nowhere!! It's one of those places where aliens decides to crash their UFOs. Have you ever heard a UFO crashes in a city?? NO!! Not even in movies. And the picture on top of it, is a snapshot of the hangar that they have. During my study there, that huge hot oven is where I did most of my practical training and it is freaking hot but it was totally FUN! It was worth the sweat. The bachelors program was a 4 years program and I just graduated a few months back but unfortunately, I am still unemployed. Getting a job is a lot harder than I thought. So what am I doing now? Other than applying for jobs here and there, I'm doing freelance photography. To be honest, I was surprise about how much I got drawn into the photography world. I believe the reason for that is that photography has a bigger community as to compared to what I did before; photo illustrations. I guess from this post you can tell what my future blog is gong to be about. Of course one of it is photography, I believe I will also talk about what I learn in the process of my exploring this photography world, not just photography. I will talk about what I learn from life experience as well as doing photography does open up your eyes and mind a bit more. After framing for thousands of picture through your camera, it makes you look at the things around you a bit more differently, with a bit more detail.

I think this post is long enough, I will make this posts short and sweet. So that's it for my fist blog =) I'll share more about myself and what's going on in my head more, later on. A too long blog posts are boring, don't you think? I will be retouching my blog too from time to time. Well, this has been "My 2 Cents".

Nizam Muhamad.

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