Sunday, 27 January 2013

How writing helps you have better view on things. Part I

This posts title is currently the longest of all my posts. Well, lets hope it will stay that way. Long tittle aren't that attractive, yeah? So todays post, probably this has been talked about many times before by some other people but I want to talk about it anyway and I got a feeling that I'm going to talk about this more in the future so this will  be Part 1. Here goes... How does writing helps? Does it really help? Well, personally I think it does help. Writing down our thoughts and reading them actually helps us in seeing it in a different perspective. In my blog header, I mentioned that blogging helps me understand my thoughts by seeing it from a third person's view. Well, that's one perspective but what is seeing our thoughts in a third person's view? How does that help? So this will be the mumbling for this post. I'll try my best not to sound like a boring lecture about the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. Do you know the differences? I don't either. Lets Google that after we finish reading this post.

Keep Calm and Blog meme

So seeing our thoughts in a third persons view. Lets say we're in a lecture; there will always be a talker and a listener, obvious enough. Guess who is the lecturer, its us! Now imagine we recorded that lecture. We bring  that recording back home and put it on our laptop and..... Viola! We see ourself, our lecture from a third persons view. Similar to writing, we are seeing our thoughts. We look the words we used, our sentence construction and the format of our explanation and from all that, we can see how deeply we understand a topic or even how much that we don't know (Or in my case; I realized how poor my vocabulary is). Its different with when we are actually saying it because when we do that, we tend to be a bit oblivious. When we talk, we don't listen to ourself. Instead we are busy focusing on our mind about pulling out that thoughts or expressing our feelings and there's always that feeling of wanting to be right the whole time. Hence how "do you even listen to yourself ?!!" came about. If we were to have that opportunity to look at ourself talking, I believe we would be embarrassed to ourself. Its like that feeling of sudden realization when we were reminiscing a funny moment from our past, we realized how amazingly stupid we were!! So instead, lets us have that realization now through writing.

So when we write, other than understanding our thoughts more, writing also makes us understand the topic  more. As we write, we are not only "talking" but we are also, in a way, listening to ourself talking (writing). So that means we will always keep checking what we are writing, reconstruct our sentence as necessary as we keep trying to explain our topic in a proper manner. Explaining it with the right tones, flow and with the correct words to say it the way we want people to understand it. Just "My Two Cents"

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