Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Learning & Opportunity

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. True that! This applies to everything that you do; photography, arts, businesses, cooking and even if you just learning how to drive. And there's two ways to do that; read the prints they produce or work with them. Of course it's always better if you could actually work with them and get a hands on experience but not all of us have that opportunity. Finding an opportunity could be something very challenging. For some, they see this as a disadvantage. In a way that might be true so what do we do? We go to the next best thing. And that is; don't worry too much about what opportunity is brought in front of you because what really matter is; what you're doing with that opportunity. Always make best of what you have. Embrace that and you can create your own opportunity.

We've seen it in movies, people have wrote about it; in books and articles and history have shown it. Rappers have talk about it in their music, most of them have even lived it. What am i talking about? People raising to success and they start from the very bottom with nothing more than determination and a goal in mind. In movies, superhero movies, they adopt that same story; Batman, Captain America, Superman and my all time favorite superhero, Ironman!! =) Ok, using superheroes from movies as examples may not be very relevant (and also immature) and may be a bit extreme but what I really want to point out is what they have in common and that is; what did they do with that opportunity brought in front of them. All of these heroes had reached to that point or started there, where they were so low, trapped and so hopeless that it seems like there's no hope. Then what happen? The moment an opportunity fell in front of them, no matter how small or how impossible it seems like that they would succeed, they kept their perseverance. They do what they had to and just kept going regardless of what obstacles came upon them. They were determined to make a different. It's what you do that matters!!


Now here's a plus, it's much more entertaining for most of us to watch these movies than reading an article or a documentary. =P

So back to learning. You can actually learn from both The Best and the "not so" The Best. It is as important to learn from those underdogs as it is to learn from the very best. Just learning what the top peoples are doing without knowing what the people at the bottom should've done or doing wrong, you can't really appreciate what you are getting. You wont really understand those knowledge you've learned. Learn from mistakes. Not just yours but mistakes from others as well. Opportunity is second. As an example; you are a photographer and  to your fortune, you got that amazing opportunity to work with an amazing artist but if you don't know how to appreciate that, you're not learning as much. Learning how to appreciate is important too, may be the most important thing in learning. "My Two Cents"

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