Monday, 14 January 2013

Beauty in Unity

Beauty is often times can only be seen from something visual like arts or nature. This is because those are the obvious ones and what I mean by obvious is; something that is easily understand or translated visually from a good photography or video work. It's all about how the creative mind would want to show it; from what perspective or in what form and how they are being presented. Personally, I always find beauty in arts if it shows something deeply related to us. Something that most of us know about, something as complicated as our feeling or a thought or even an opinion. May it be good or bad. Unfortunately, it's hard to see the beauty in all these until it is presented in a creative way and that has always been the challenge. Explaining something that is so deep and so complicated through visual representation.

What I want to bring from my ranting about beauty in art is; this video. It's a video about humanity, unity to be more specific and the beauty of it. What really amazed me is that, other than the deep story in this video but also the simplicity in how it is presented. Beauty in arts is not just about how it is presented but the beauty can also come from the story it brings. "My Two Cents"

Enjoy the video!!

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