Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Simplicity in Your Craft

So here I am, browsing the world wide web looking for more lessons and tips in photography. After a few videos and articles, there's one thing that keep being said again and again. That is; simplify your craft. Why do most artists stress this so much? From my  point of view, most great artwork, may it be photography, music or short films, the ones that have simplicity in its appearance is a lot easier for people to interpret and understand. The simplicity in the arts makes it easier for it to be appreciated. Appreciation. If it's an art, it needs to be appreciated. What's an art if people don't know how to appreciate it? Simplify your craft so people won't need a degree in arts to understand what's going on in the picture. Let me say it again, simplicity and its simplicity in its appearance. The process to make it can be as complicated as a space satellite designed to orbit Jupiter but what matter is the result. Unfortunately, people will always judge you from the results you produce. Then only they will look at what you did to produce it.

The short film above to me is a great example. This video kept popping up in my head everytime when I'm thinking of simplicity in your craft. Most of you may have already watched this video, it's a very popular video. If you haven't, where have you been???!! The movie has a very deep story to it and lets just look at how they tell it. Beautifully told. It's a very simple way of story telling and it works perfectly with the story. It's a story of a long distance relationship in a complicated situation. That does sound like a complex story but again, it's the simplicity in the appearance. There's not much talking going on in the movie either. Love it!! Again this is just "My Two Cents". Enjoy the video.

Everytime when I watch this video, I just couldn't watch it until the end. I just don't have the heart for it. I think I've only watch it full twice. Couldn't do it..................................... and still just couldn't do it.

p/s: make sure to have tissue papers ready.

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