Friday, 18 January 2013

Don't Try To Be Better, Be Different

Chase Jarvis
Again, browsing and browsing looking for photography tutorials and tips. My findings? After a few videos and articles, I found this one tip that I find unique, not many people say it. Most tips out there focus more on the technical stuff and repetitions of all these rules in compositions like the Rule of Thirds, Rules of Odds, Leading Lines, Patterns. It's all over the net. Don't get me wrong, these are important. These are the basics that every photographer should understand well. Some explain it better than the other with better examples and a more interesting way of explaining but it's getting tiring. Now, what is that tip I was talking about? It's from this super cool photographer on the left. I hope you recognize him and I hope you are familiar with his work. His web

Travis Barker

As +Chase Jarvis say it, many times "Don't try to be better, be different." I find this is so true! This is especially true in the art world but this is also true to many other endevours. For example, lets zoom out a bit further from arts and what can we see? We can see that being success have a lot to do with, apart from hard working, is being different. This is how we differentiate our self from others. This is true in business, marketing and dictatorship. +Nirvana+Maralyn Monroe+Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, +Incubus+Rage Against The Machine+Wes Borland+Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman, +Travis Barker , +Michael Jackson+Apple Inc+Star Wars. What do they have in common? They do it differently. It don't have to be a lot but just enough that people notice it, recognize it as something unique that is you. Produce something that when people see something similar to it, your work will pop up in their head. Easier said than done, I know. Lets start by just be aspired to be different, shall we? That time when you found your niche, your own style, that time will come. I believe if we just keep producing, exploring and trying things, we'll get there. These work we did along the way, itself tells a story and they can be one of your masterpiece as well. Of course success do come from being better than someone else but the impact you can make from it, how long will it last? That will only last until someone  else does it better and what happens to you? You'll just fades away and no one remembers what you did. Don't that just sucks!! Lets break away from that, avoid being one of the norm. I believe everyone is unique, it's just about finding whats your niche.

Yunalis Mat Zara'ai
In whatever that we do, what do we really want to achieve from it? Yes we made goals and we need to conquer that, we have objectives that we want to successfully complete but other than that, deep inside we want to be recognize by our work. We want to inspire others. We also want our work to have a lasting impact. Personally, I think there is no other way to do it better than to do something differently. How do we do that? Be different by looking at others as references and find your own style. Lets be ourself. Be you. And again, this may be hard, this takes time and a lot of trying things, a lot of doing mistakes. Be patience, it's a process. Once we found it, we're there and we've produced something that is unique to us; there's no other satisfaction that can compare to that. We can tell it when we've found it. We become obsess with it and ideas just come pouring in our head. Have you ever felt that? Once we found our own style than what's left is just showcasing it to the world and success and recognition will come knocking on our doorstep. Well I know, showcasing yourself is a different topic altogether but you have got to have that craft first, create an identity for that craft that's you. I'm saying this to myself and sharing it with all of you. "My Two Cents"

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