Thursday, 31 January 2013

It's always the unexpected one.

Have you had that moment before? Where its always the unexpected ones that wins. I'm sure all of us have had that moment before. Here's one that happened recently (yesterday to be exact)  and it has something to do with the image below. What is it? This shot got the highest vote of the day and won the photo of the day award at Pixoto. Yeay me!! Well, its nothing big, its not like I won a Grammy or some big photography award but being a new kid on the block, this is quite encouraging. 

Retired by Nizam Muhamad - People Portraits of Men Stock Photos on PixotoI was actually hoping for one of my other uploads to be the one that receives the attentions from the voters. Its not that I think this one is not good, I love this shot but just didn't think this one is actually the better one. Lesson learned; just because you think its not a good shot, doesn't mean that everyone else will think the same. Our judgement on our own work can sometimes be clouded by the attachments that we have towards our work (our feelings and all). So its good to have opinions from other people as well =) Just "My Two Cents"

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